Purchasing a Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Purchasing a Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase (H4P) is a reverse mortgage that allows seniors aged 62 or older, to buy a new principal home using loan proceeds from a reverse mortgage. The HECM for Purchase Program provides the opportunity to purchase a new principal residence with HECM loan proceeds in a single transaction. The HECM loan does not require mortgage loan repayment until the borrower permanently leaves the home.

A reverse mortgage is a complex financial tool. When deliberating whether it’s a good fit, guidance is best left to the experts with the most experience. NWRM has a responsibility to ensure this program is a great fit for each client. We take the time to provide informed and reassuring guidance to ensure this step is taken in a professional and friendly manner, and that you enjoy an outstanding lending experience.

With an H4P loan, people can take out a reverse mortgage and buy a new home in the same transaction. Usually, Homebuyers have a large cash down payment that is about 40-50% of the new home’s purchase price. They then use the reverse mortgage loan to borrow 50 to 60% against the home equity of the new property to complete the purchase of their new home. The homeowners are not required to make any monthly mortgage payments as long as they reside in the home and are expected to maintain the home and cover homeowners’ insurance.

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At the conclusion of a reverse mortgage, the borrower must repay the loan and may have to sell the home or repay the loan from other proceeds; charges will be assessed with the loan, including an origination fee, closing costs, mortgage insurance premiums and servicing fees; the loan balance grows over time and interest is charged on the outstanding balance; the borrower remains responsible for property taxes, hazard insurance and home maintenance, and failure to pay these amounts may result in the loss of the home; interest on a reverse mortgage is not tax deductible until the borrower makes partial or full re-payment.