Reverse Mortgage Eligibility

Reverse Mortgage Eligibility

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Discover Your Reverse Mortgage Eligibility Today!

Let us uncover your reverse mortgage eligibility with just a few questions. Is a reverse mortgage the right choice for you? Only you will be able to make that decision, but we can provide the information you need and the education it requires for you to make the optimal decision for your future. Fill out this form to find out your reverse mortgage eligibility from our local reverse mortgage expert advisor Jeff Foody.

Am I eligible for a reverse mortgage? 

Discovering your reverse mortgage eligibility is the first step in your research. If you are eligible for a reverse mortgage, the next step is deciding when you want to take advantage of your benefit. Timing is very important with reverse mortgages; if taking out a reverse mortgage now won’t be in your best interest or won’t help you meet your goals, we will let you know. If you are already talking with another reverse mortgage advisor about a reverse mortgage and they are rushing you or telling you not to wait- it may behoove you to get a second opinion from us. If now is the time for you, we will show you why, and explain how the timing affects your benefit and possible eligibility.

Timing is very important with reverse mortgages and can affect reverse mortgage eligibility. If you have been told no in the past or looked into this previously and were not satisfied with the terms, the timing could have been all wrong for you. Give us a call or fill out the form below to get a better idea if you could be eligible now or at some other point in time. We don’t just do reverse mortgages, we guide seniors to a more secure future through education.

To find out your reverse mortgage eligibility, simply answer these questions about your home and your plans for the future.  To get the most accurate results from our reverse mortgage eligibility assessment, be sure to:

  • Answer as many questions as possible
  • Use correct details about your home
  • Provide accurate contact information*

*We NEVER sell your personal information.

What happens after I fill out the reverse mortgage eligibility form? 

After you complete the reverse mortgage eligibility form, you’ll be contacted by our expert Loan Officer Jeff Foody. He will explain your reverse mortgage eligibility and provide detailed information about your specific reverse mortgage options so you can make the optimal decision for your plans. If taking a reverse mortgage right now, in the future, or ever at all isn’t going to help you meet your goals, we will show you why. If you are eligible for a reverse mortgage and want to take advantage of these loan programs made just for senior homeowners, he will guide you to the optimal timing to execute your application.

Getting more information about your reverse mortgage eligibility and increasing cash flow during retirement will help you decide the best fit for your unique situation. After filling out the form Jeff Foody will be able to tell you:

  • Whether you are eligible for a reverse mortgage
  • How much equity could be available based on your age, home value, and interest rate
  • How to use a reverse mortgage strategically throughout retirement as a financial security net

Your personal information will never be used for any purpose other than to help you receive helpful reverse mortgage information. Providing this information does not obligate you to anything and the figures are estimates based on the information you provide. We will NEVER sell your information, and we encourage you to discuss the information we provide with your financial advisors, loved ones, and support team.

Please fill in the form below to discover your reverse mortgage eligibility:

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At the conclusion of a reverse mortgage, the borrower must repay the loan and may have to sell the home or repay the loan from other proceeds; charges will be assessed with the loan, including an origination fee, closing costs, mortgage insurance premiums and servicing fees; the loan balance grows over time and interest is charged on the outstanding balance; the borrower remains responsible for property taxes, hazard insurance and home maintenance, and failure to pay these amounts may result in the loss of the home; interest on a reverse mortgage is not tax deductible until the borrower makes partial or full re-payment.