Reverse Mortgage Videos

View the reverse mortgage videos below to help you get an idea of how the reverse mortgage works for a refinance or a purchase. The videos will expel common myths surrounding the program and hope to enlighten you about the opportunity this loan can bring.


The Truth About Reverse Mortgages

Wonder no longer! Watch my interview discussing THE TRUTH about reverse mortgages from the THINK BIGGER podcast. THINK BIGGER for yourself and your family by using a reverse mortgage to live a more secure retirement.

Reverse Mortgage 101

Learn the basics about how the HECM reverse mortgage works and how it compares to traditional financing.

Reverse Mortgages DEBUNKED!

Hear about the common myths and rumors surrounding the HECM program and how these stories came to light. This video will explain how the misconceptions have spread over the years and debunk the falsehoods that lie therein.

Purchasing a Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Did you know people 60 or older can purchase a home with a reverse mortgage? Its true! There are several HECM, proprietary and jumbo options available now. This video explains how the FHA insured HECM program (for people 62 and over) works. The proprietary and jumbo programs are available to clients as young as 60.