When the Home is Empty


How does the last borrower leaving the home affect the reverse mortgage? Handling the estate of a parent or loved one is often a very emotional and stressful time for everyone involved. With everything else going on, dealing with the reverse mortgage servicer is often not the first thing on the list. Even though that… [Read More]

Specializing is Key


Reverse mortgages are a complicated loan product. To be successful in the reverse mortgage space, it requires an understanding of the entire program, not just the loan product. Understanding the product is relatively easy: you can figure out the calculations, you can recite the closing costs and help somebody understand how much money they qualify… [Read More]

Reverse Mortgage Calculators are a Waste of Time

Relaxed senior man outdoors

Have you ever tried to search online for a calculator to try to figure out how much money you could get with a reverse mortgage? How much time would you say you spent just on the search for one to try? How long did it take to get through their question forms only to learn… [Read More]


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